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 Keszthely, Hévíz

  • The introduction of Keszthely by showing the Festetics Palace, entrance to the world of horror when visiting the Museum of horror. Visit to the famous Marzipan Museum of the town. (2 hours)
    Keszthely: Horror Múseum: 500,- Ft/Pers,  400.-/ child
    Keszthely: Festetics palace: 500,-  Ft/Pers, student: 850,- Ft/Pers .
    Keszthely: Marzipan museum: 160,- Ft/Pers, 100,- Ft/ child
  • Visiting the ancient church of the Árpád era in Hévíz. Lunch on the wine hill, delicious Hungarian dishes with a fantastic panoramic view. (2 hours).
  • Bathing in the thermal water bath.
    1900.-/ Pers (1.5 hour)
     It is a full day tour starting at 10 with arrival in the evening. Prices neither include entrance fees nor the price of the lunch

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  150,- 270,-

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